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Super Streetbike Article February 2008
There is more then making hot gases from an exhaust exit quickly than running an open pipe and calling it a day. A tuned
exhaust system is a careful balance of give and take between power and sound, and while a system that flows too freely
will decrease low-end torque (and ruin your ears). One that is too restrictive will lose top-end steam and sound pretty weak.
Over the years we've seen numerous designs constructed from just about every material in the search to produce the most
power while keeping the weight to a minimum and the emissions in check. As a result of all the research and development,
the stock header pipes on many sport bikes have become very efficient, and adding a slip on exhaust system has become
a simple way to add more power while shedding loads of weight and improving the appearance. Slip on systems are also
available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, materials and designs to meet just about anyone's taste.
Pipe Dreams article by John Zamora of Super Streetbike magazine Feb. 2008
Enter the XB08 ExtremeBlaster
A chrome stainless steel slip on short glass pack design with 4" tunable spark arrestor disk system.
01-04 GSXR 1000 XB08
By adjusting the number of plates on the muffler the exhaust system becomes tuned to the motor with a versatile power
band of low end torque and top end horsepower. Removing plates increases back pressure resulting in more torque and
quieter exhaust note. Adding plates decreases back pressure adding top end power delivery and louder exhaust tone. In
essence remove plates for more torque, quieter exhaust or add plates for more top end and louder tone. You choose the
balance of power delivery. The XB08 Extremeblaster tunable muffler  will fine tune to your location based on temperature
and elevation and riding style whether you are a stunt rider, street fighter or strip competitor. Plates are set up for each size
motor with a balanced power band of torque and horsepower. No after market EFI controller needed, no EFI electronics or
fuel maps to mess with. The XB08 Extremeblaster allows you to tune your exhaust pipe to your motor based on your
preferences, not your motor to your pipe. Spark plugs burn normal with the supplied plate set up. Disk pipe delivers deep
low RPM tone. The XB08 exhaust  is not excessively loud for a short pipe due to the packing and noise diffusion disk
technology. The U.S.F.S. approved spark arrestor is a great safety feature for a short pipe. Muffler set up comes ready to
ride no need to adjust disks for those not desirable of fine tuning measures (most customers are satisfied installing as is).
Unique street bike tone not found on other short after market pipes.
::  Extremeblaster Exhaust ::
98/02 Yamaha R6 XB08
06/07 GSXR 600-750 XB08
05/07 triumph speed Triple
XB Streetfighter ExtremeBlaster
Open pipe rear exhaust exit without closed cap and tunable plates
The XB Streetfighter pipe has the identical glass pack muffler housing as the XB08 with the same rear bolt holes and has
the ability to interchange the XB08 closed cap design with tunable plates. The XB Streetfighter was developed for people
who prefer open pipes with the usual rear exhaust exit without the tunable plates and is especially effective with a fuel
injection control unit. The open pipe design is louder then the XB08 closed cap design and can be tamed with the use  of a
sound arrester cap that reduces db levels 10-15 db without significant loss of power and also reduces the snap, crackle,
pop that is usually heard on short pipe designs without a fuel controller.
The XB08 Extremeblaster with tunable plates does not need a fuel controller or jetting changes and has no lean out
conditions or popping and has no throttle lag normally associated with short open pipe designs. The XB Streetfighter will
give you maximum top end horsepower but may require a fuel controller for maximum throttle response at low rpm.
The tone is deep without the distortion that usually accompanies very short open pipes. The sound arrester cleans up the
tone even more without significant loss of power.  The XB Streetfighter is a very effective, attractive piece of work that  is lean
and mean at less then 3 pounds. The stainless steel construction will last longer then you or I and is also available in Satin
flat black powder coat finish with hi-temp powder coat cap.
01-05 GSXR 600/750 XB08
 98/01 Yamaha R1 XB08
01/04 GSXR 1000 XB08
03/05 Yamaha R6 XB08
08/12 Kawasaki ZX10R  XB08
02/03 Yamaha R1 XB08
07/08 GSXR 1000 XB08
98/01 Yamaha R1 XB08
01-05 GSXR 600/750 XB
06/12 Yamaha R6 XB
07/10 triumph speed Triple XB
08/10 GSXR 600-750 XB
01/04 GSXR 1000 XB
07/08  GSXR 1000 XB
09/12 Kawasaki ZX6R  XB
08/12 Kawasaki ZX10R  XB08
07/12 Suzuki 650/1250 Bandit  XB
96/06 Suzuki 600/1200 Bandit  XB
01/05 Yamaha FZ1 XB
01/12 Suzuki Hayabusa  XB
07/12 Suzuki 650/1250 Bandit  XB