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We enjoy feedback:
Please email me with any questions you may have regarding the XB08 Extremeblaster
GSXR exhaust. I enjoy feedback and welcome comments related to the disk technology.
If you have purchased this product please get back to me with feedback on your
experience with the XB08. Only negative feedback received so far is from people who
have not tried the disk technology, do not trust it or want to trust it, do not like short pipes
on sport bikes (still clinging to their bazooka's) or generally have a hard time with new
ideas. Thus far no negative feedback with people who have purchased the XB08 for a
stock motorcycle. Had one issue with fitment due to non stock headers and another
issue with someone who had problems adjusting to his Power Commander.
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:: XB08 Extremeblaster GSXR Exhaust::
XB08 Glass Pack Muffler with
tunable Disk  technology
XB08 Muffler
Glass Pack easily removed for
re-packing. 10,000 miles on my
bike so far without re-pac.
XB08 Muffler Kit
01-04 GSXR
01-04 GSXR Kit with short
stainless steel mid pipe with
slight curve to clear swing arm.
XB08 Muffler Kit
XB08 Muffler Kit
XB08 Glass Pack Muffler with
tunable Disk  technology
01-06 GSXR 1000
GSXR 1000 exhaust Gasket
Connectors. On the left is the
larger 05-06 and on the right is
the 01-04 stock connector. I.D.
is the same both gaskets.
Better to purchase an 05-06
gasket for the 01-04 for use
with the XB08. Better Seal and fit
05-06 GSXR
XB08 Research and
development on the 06 Gixxer.
Notice the weld bead on the
exhaust cap. I removed the guts!