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The Old School Story
Disk technology is nothing new. Supertrapp has been making disk systems for
street bikes since the early 1970's. The finest exhaust tone I have yet to hear was a
header pipe with a Supertrapp disk system fitted on the end of a 1970 era
Kawasaki KZ900. The gotta have it was contagious. After almost buying a brand
new Suzuki GS1100 in the early eighty's and would have if I passed credit at the
ripe age of nineteen, I settled on a used 1977 KZ900 with a header and
Supertrapp disk system installed on it! I finally got it and lovin it was easy. Only
problem was I was having some problems taking down the new fastest bike yet
GS1100 in a race. I ended up building the motor on it and spanked those old GS
Gixxer's regularly. Finally blew a gasket on the Kawi and sold it. Then got
married...... Fast forward 20 years after deciding I waited long enough I finally got
my new Suzuki, 06 GSXR 1000. What a handful! What a bike! I was amazed at the
technology changes. My what 20 years will do. Only one thing that was missing!
Disk technology and tone. I do miss the old KZ900 tone. I checked online and they
didn't make them for crotch rockets? Why? I only saw some for Harley's.  I  did
some custom exhaust work on my Mazda RX8 and installed disk technology at the
exhaust exit increasing my torque quite a bit from stock, impressive as usual with
excellent tone. So why not my Gixxer? I figured the tunable exhaust would be a
great replacement for the stock exhaust valve the GSXR had. I found an after
market kit and went to work on it. The Gixxer's ECU adapted well to the disk
technology and I got the torque and horsepower gains I was looking for. The tone
was deeper and not excessively loud for the short pipe look I wanted. Soon I found
others that also liked the look and sound and wanted one for them self which I
obliged. It was fun to create something new from something old and adapt it. I
decided to share it on ebay and used my sons extremeblaster account (named
after his custom Yamaha Blaster) and began my ebay experience.  
First Kawasaki pipe completed.
08-09 ZX10R slip on to header.
Owner says it gave him a lot more
torque and some horsepower
08-09 ZX10R Kawasaki slip on to cat
kit retains side plate and quieter
exhaust without removing cat.
06/09 Yamaha R6 kit complete.
Owner likes the sound and fitment.
Latest News
:: XB08 Extremeblaster GSXR Exhaust ::
Developing a Powder Coated black
XB08 pipe for use on all models
available soon. Stay tuned!