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Frequently Asked Questions
The following are questions I have received over time concerning the XB08 and disk technology in general. I have
come to realize that a great many people are not familiar with disk technology and I will attempt to clarify some
questions under this section. Please email me with questions about this product at
extremeblaster@gsxrexhaust.com if you would like your question posted.
Will I get a check engine light after the cat is removed from the GSXR 600-750 06-07?
How much weight will I save on the 06-07 GSXR 600-750 by installing the XB08?
Is it necessary to remove exhaust valve on the 01-06 GSXR 1000?
About 10 pounds for the 600 Gixxer. About the same for the other Gixxers I imagine. Easier then dieting, and a lot less work!
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Installation FAQ
Technical FAQ
Will I get a check engine light after the exhaust valve is removed from the GSXR 1000 01-07?
Yes you will get a light after the exhaust valve is removed and will need to pull a wire from the wire harness connector to shut it off. The installer can find a lot of information about this on the Internet on
how to turn the light off. Gixxer.com has a lot of info on this as well as after market pipe manufacturers. I supply some info to help out but the Internet is the best source of info.
How heavy is the XB08 muffler?
A little over 3 pounds
What is the inlet diameter of the muffler?
About 2"
How tight do I screw in screws on the disk changer at the rear of the muffler?
No check engine lights
Who makes the pipe I can't find any data on it?
The muffler is after market that I re-work, adjust, and custom fit to the various bikes.
Cross tighten all screws like a wheel until snug. Anti seize lubricant is a must before re-installing
Is it normal for the rear plate to turn gold?
Yes that is normal discoloring for the rear cap. The muffler or midpipe should not discolor.
Is the muffler considered a spark arrestor?
Yes, United States Forest Service (U.S.F.S.) approved.
I have an after market Header will the XB08 pipe fit it?
Maybe, if the outside diameter of the header end is 17/8"-2" or 15/8" if you have a Gixxer 1000 exhaust connector gasket.
I have a Power Commander will it work with the XB08?
I would not recommend it unless you have tuner experience. XB08 works best with stock computer and fuel injection. No guarantees the XB08 will work with Power Commander or other controller.
Can I remove the disks and run the pipe without them?
Yes you can but you would need an after market fuel controller or the motor will run lean and poor, and loud! Good drag bike set up
Will fuel economy get worse with XB08?
No, fuel economy either a little better or about the same. 40 MPG constant on my 06 Gixxer with good gas
Does the XB08 come with everything I need to install pipe?
The 01-06 GSXR 1000's need the stock exhaust gasket connector and the 05-06 needs the stock header clamp. If the stock exhaust connector is in bad shape or unavailable on the 01-04 1000 buy a
05-06 connector from the dealer. They are bigger then the older ones and give a better connection to the midpipe. All other kits have everything included.
Do spark plugs burn normal with the XB08?
Yes they do with the supplied number of disks. They should be checked however after 3-4 hours of riding. Plugs should be light tan in color. If white electrode remove a plate. If plug is dark  check the
air filter to see if it needs cleaned or replaced. Make sure the battery cable was disconnected and run it 3-4 more hours. If still dark add a plate or two. Plugs should not be dark in color.
Yes it is necessary
How tight do I torque bolt down on the header clamp?
I do not have a torque spec. but I would tighten clamp down until the connected muffler will not turn the midpipe on the header end with aluminum bracket disconnected. Very important to make sure
the header clamp is tight. The 01-04 GSXR 1000 midpipe is a strong SS and needs a fair amount of tightening around the exhaust gasket.
Why do I need an exhaust gasket connector for the GSXR 1000?
I designed the midpipe similar to the stock set up to accept the exhaust gasket connector. This connector must be used or it will not work. Again think of getting the 05-06 gasket for the 01-04 GSXR
1000 if gasket is damaged or unavailable.
What are the most important things to remember when installing the XB08 muffler?
Clean or replace the air filter (K&N is awesome) disconnect the battery, ride your bike after installation for 3-4 hours before judging performance. Pipe must acclimate to the ECU. Tighten all
connections especially the header pipe connection (use high temp silicone on the 600 header connection). Allow pipe to cool before removing plates. Use anti sieze lubricant when installing plates.
How does exhaust get through the pipe?
As exhaust gases (positive pressure waves) are forced through the fine spaces of the plates or disks an exhaust scavenging effect is created from back pressure (negative pressure waves) that
actually pulls the gases through the plates creating an efficient combustion process resulting in less work on your motor. When a sufficient number of disks are installed open exhaust flow can be
obtained with a limited amount of back pressure or negative pressure waves.
How many plates would I need to obtain open exhaust?
About 24 plates achieve open exhaust flow
Can I remove all the plates and run it without them for more open flow?
Yes you can if you have a Power Commander or other after market fuel controller. Not recommended for street use cause you lose all your back pressure, low end torque and response. This would
be good for top end power band and strip racing with the fuel controller. If run without another fuel controller you will get a lean out condition with over heated motor, back firing and other issues.
How do I know if pipe is running lean or rich?
The plate color will let you know how your motor is running much like spark plug color does. Tan or brown indicates good combustion. Black will indicate unburned fuel on the rich side. Not a bad
thing as long as you are getting the desired top end performance you want. If you get this condition check your air filter first and replace if necessary. Pull the battery cable again and run it a good 3-4
hours preferably on the freeway and check it. If still black and you have good torque add a plate and start over. White, red or blue plates indicate leaner condition and plates are heated up from hotter
exhaust temps. This can occur at cold ambient temperatures at low elevation and steady high RPM rides. Remove a plate to richen it up a bit and cool exhaust.
Explain to me the performance difference between adding and removing plates?
Less plates adds back pressure, richen fuel mixture, and creates more torque and response but less top end power. More plates increases exhaust flow, louder tone, more top end but less torque
and response and a leaner fuel mixture. More plates-more top end, less torque and louder tone, fewer plates-more torque and response, less top end and quieter tone.
Can you give me a more technical description on how these plates cause back pressure and the need for it?
Thought you'd never ask. Referring to the article from Superbike magazine on my home page there is more to making hot gases exit an exhaust quickly then running an open pipe and calling it a day.
A tuned exhaust system is a careful balance of give and take between power and sound, and while a system that flows too freely will decrease low end torque (and ruin your ears), one that is too
restrictive will lose top-end steam and sound pretty weak. This is what disk technology was made for created by Supertrapp in the early seventy's, so nothing new down the pipe here. I just read an
article in the May issue of bike magazine that was pretty technical titled The last great invention.
Twenty years ago Yamaha introduced a landmark technical innovation: the EXUP valve. And nothing
has fundamentally moved the game on in quite the same way since (article by Mike Armitage). Engine design is a compromise. Designing them for high revs and power can mean sacrifices lower in
the rev range, and tuning for low rev torque makes things wheezy at the top end. The ideal solution would mean an engine with variable geometry but of all the attempts to date so far their isn't a truly
variable technology that has advanced bike design and succeeded. Except, that is, for Yamaha's EXUP. A simple throttle valve located in the exhaust pipe. The concept has proved so successful that
every major motorcycle manufacturer now fits them.The EXUP valve (Exhaust Ultimate Powervalve) arrived in 1989 and claimed 10% more peak power and 30-40% more torque and midrange then
an engine without EXUP and a more quieter exhaust. They discovered a throttle valve located at the end of the collector could be used to tailor the pressure waves. Yamaha realized they could now
build a full race system then use the throttle valve (EXUP) to tidy up the resulting dips and hollows in the torque curve. On a four stroke engine, the exhaust valve opens and the rising piston pushes
out hot gas, crammed with residual combustion pressure and noise energy, into the exhaust. This creates a positive pressure wave, traveling down the header pipe towards the collector. When it
reaches the large diameter section (or another tailored change of section or shape) the gas expands, slowing down and sending a negative pressure wave back towards the cylinder at the speed of
sound. This reflects back and forth around three or four times(becoming weaker each time).
You'll have to read the article for more technical info about it I don't want to lose you here so what does
this mean concerning the XB08 and disk technology. Everything. It is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to introduce a variable technology that will give more peak horsepower over stock while making
greater torque gains on the bottom. An effective way to replace the stock exhaust valve and maintaining the technology behind it while installing a shorter pipe for looks and quieter exhaust (for a short
pipe). So why doesn't major pipe manufacturers use disk technology? I believe they are satisfied with the exhaust valve and it's operation and they can probably control noise and emissions better
with a bigger can after the exhaust valve. The EXUP valve claimed increased CO2 emissions (more fuel being burnt) but significantly reduced hydrocarbons (fuel burnt more efficiently). I have not
noticed any more fuel being burnt with an XB08. If anything fuel economy has increased. However newer technology is developing as we can see major pipe manufacturers developing smaller and
shorter pipes utilizing exhaust valves and catalytic convertors under the bike with a short pipe out the side to get the look. Nuff said
So what is the best way to tune this pipe?
Run it as you get it for at least 3 or 4 hours before you do anything. Be sure you disconnect battery upon installation and clean or replace your air filter. K&N works very good with the XB08. Observe
the color of the plates after 3 or 4 hours of riding. They should be tan or brown in color. If they are black and you already checked your filter run it again 3 or 4 more hours (open roads are perfect).
Doing this acclimates the pipe to your ECU. If still black check your spark plugs. Are plugs black ? If so may have a fuel injection issue. If plugs not black but tan and you have good torque and top end
you might want to leave it or add a plate or two to lean it out and see if that clears up your plates or plugs. Make sure you start over by disconnecting battery and driving it. The GSXR ECU is quite
adaptable to the XB08 you just have to ride it a while. If after adding a couple plates and you feel a torque loss take one away and do it again. Now if your plates are white, red or blue and your plugs
are white with no color remove a plate or two and pull the battery cable and start over. Most bikes will run fine with the supplied plate count. Fine exhaust wave tuning for temperature and elevation
changes is just that, fine tuning for obsessed tuners like myself  who tend to think to hard. Most people go with the flow and like it how they get it.
Can you give me an example of top end horsepower and low end torque as it relates to the plate numbers?
As I experimented with more plates I noticed the front wheel coming up a lot more at higher rpm before shifting into second gear but also noticed my response and low end torque started to suffer
some. So I figured most of my riding here in the city was at lower speeds so I tuned for low end acceleration and response while maintaining as much top end as possible. The following procedure
was for the Gixxer 1000. Maintain 25 mph in first gear and crack the throttle, instant response should follow. Do the same at 35 mph in second gear, 45 mph in third, 55 mph in fourth, 65 mph in fifth
and 75 mph in sixth gear. Again instant response should be noted. If not, drop your plate number. If you do get plenty of instant response you may have room to increase your plate count and top end.
Remember though no instant results after changing plates, ECU takes time to adapt you have to ride it. If you like more torque and instant wheelies remove a plate or two. Be careful to much torque
will spin the tires easily without much effort. I know a guy who went from 12 plates to 10 on his Gixxer 1000 cause he is a big guy and wanted more torque. I get on his bike and try to do a clutch up
wheel in second and it spins the tire easy. I witnessed his ride at the drag strip and noticed his low and mid range very strong blowing everyone away in that powerband but flattened out at redline
and needed to shift a little sooner for max acceleration. He still turned in the 10's, not bad for a beginning big guy on an old Gixxer with 22,000 miles on it.